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Day 3 of the 2017 Baltic Run is Here!

Day 3 of the 2017 Baltic Run saw the teams traverse from Kazimierz Dolny to the Wolf’s Lair. Let’s see how it went. The teams got up early to begin their journey towards the Wolf’s Lair. After more than 8 hours on the road, and just miles from their destination, the team leaders, Alexandra and

canadian team rickshaw challenge

The Exciting Indian Adventure Race Continues in Day 3

The third day of the exciting Indian adventure, the Rickshaw Challenge, has come to an end. Here’s what happened. The teams left Pondicherry in the morning and were delighted to find it much easier than leaving Chennai. The first stop along the way was at a small school for the hearing impaired, where the teams

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The First Day of the Ultimate Baltic Car Race has Arrived!

Day 1 of the ultimate Baltic car race has officially come to and ended, and each team is now ready to begin their incredible adventure. Day 1 of the event (could also be called day 0) was a day for the team members to relax and get to know each other in Krakow. 5 of

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Day 1 of the Ultimate Indian Adventure has Finally Arrived

The 2016 Rickshaw Challenge has finally kicked off, and each team is just about ready to begin the ultimate Indian adventure race. All 20 teams of the 2016 Rickshaw Challenge have arrived, and today marks the first day they will get behind the wheel. Although none of the teams will actually depart Chennai (unless looking

Caucasian Challenge Day 11: the road to Yerevan

The final day of the Caucasian Challenge started with worrying news for Team Care Bears. Their vehicle had developed a fuel leak, and had been dripping diesel all through the night. Despite the leak, the managed to press on, with constant stops at stations to refill! In terms of driving, the final day was simple.

Caucasian Challenge Day 10: Vank to Kapan

Day 10 of the Caucasian Challenge brought the teams from Vank to Kapan. The teams, with the exception of Team Llanfair Railway who had got theirs the day before, left Vank in the morning and made their way to Stepanakert to obtain Nagorno-Karabakh visas. The teams made their way into the Karabakh capital and admired

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Caucasian Challenge Day 9: border into Nagoro-Karabakh

Day 9 of the Caucasian Challenge meant the teams would travel through the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, an area claimed by both Azerbaijan and Armenia. The road has significantly improved in recent years, a bit of a disappointment for team members looking for another adventure. Team Care Bears used the extra time they had thanks

Caucasian Challenge Day 6-7: driving to Tbilisi

Day 6 of the Caucasian Challenge marked the halfway point of the journey, and bought the teams to Georgia’s beautiful capital city, Tbilisi. Unlike the previous day, the drive to Tbilisi is smooth and easy. Team Care Bears started the morning off right with a few glasses of Chacha, courtesy of a house guest at

Caucasian Challenge Day 5: off-road driving towards Ambrolauri

Day five of the Caucasian Challenge began in the early hours of the morning, which is impressive considering the night’s festivities had barely wrapped up. The teams set out on a full-day adventure of off-road driving towards Ambrolauri, and quickly realized that the terrain was much more unforgiving than in previous days. Despite it being

Caucasian Challenge Day 4: Kutaisi to Mestia

Day four of the Caucasian Challenge started off on an interesting note. After leaving the hotel, the teams discovered that a street market had opened up right where they had parked their cars! It took some convincing, but the market vendors eventually moved their stalls and the teams were able to get on their way.

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Caucasian Challenge Day 2: Sinop Beach to Batumi

Day two of the Caucasian Challenge saw the teams speed across the rest of Turkey with the occasional stop at a local village. The driving was relatively straightforward, but crossing into Georgia proved to be a monotonous process with a wait time of over seven hours! It wasn’t all bad, as one team befriended a

floods in georgia

Caucasian Challenge Day 1: From Istambul to Sinop Beach

The first day of the ninth Caucasian Challenge saw all five teams traverse through the northern coast of Turkey on their way to Georgia. Things went relatively smooth, apartment from the press team’s unfortunate run in with a landslide inside a small hill-top village that forced them to find an alternate route. The group’s first