Day 4 of the Exciting Baltic Car Rally Has Officially Come to an End

The fourth day of the massively exciting Baltic car rally brings the teams from Wolf’s Lair to Druskininkai with plenty of adventures on the way.

The teams woke up on day 4 early to have breakfast and learn more about the day ahead. Afterwards, they were given a nearly 2-hour tour around the complex to learn more about its fascinating history during World War 2.

At around noon, the teams departed for Druskininkai, leaving behind lovely Poland. Things went well on the road, with all teams arriving without a hiccup.

The teams ended the long day with some good drinks in the hotel bar, and then grabbed a local Lithuanian dinner to learn more about what each team experienced thus far on the Baltic car rally. Team Barfeeli from India had a particularly interesting experience involving a nude spa and unfortunate language barrier.

Stay tuned to learn more about day 5 of the 2017 Baltic Run!