The Exciting Indian Adventure Race Continues in Day 3

canadian team rickshaw challenge

The canucks are driving stick.

The third day of the exciting Indian adventure, the Rickshaw Challenge, has come to an end. Here’s what happened.

The teams left Pondicherry in the morning and were delighted to find it much easier than leaving Chennai. The first stop along the way was at a small school for the hearing impaired, where the teams got to hand out gifts and show off their impressively decorated rickshaws.

Johanna Budde-Laakso showed off her mechanical abilities by attempting to fix a flat tire she claims to have popped somewhere on the long Indian road. Eventually however, she required the help of some real Indian mechanics who saved the day and allowed her to continue on the 2017 Rickshaw Challenge.

A number of teams struggled to make the 6:30 flag down time at the hotel in Thanjavur; the first time this has happened yet in this exciting Indian adventure. Eventually they all made it and relaxed at the hotel and prepared for next day’s journey.