Day 3 of the 2017 Baltic Run is Here!

Day 3 of the 2017 Baltic Run saw the teams traverse from Kazimierz Dolny to the Wolf’s Lair. Let’s see how it went.

The teams got up early to begin their journey towards the Wolf’s Lair. After more than 8 hours on the road, and just miles from their destination, the team leaders, Alexandra and Attila were pulled over by the police.

Eventually the police revealed that the drivers had made an illegal left turn, but were let go to continue the 2017 Baltic Run with a (strict) warning. By the time the two arrived in Wolf’s Lair, all the other teams had already arrived.

Wolf’s Lair is known for being one of Adolf Hitler’s military headquarters, and is currently being turned into a tourist attraction. It’s an extremely remote location with no Wi-Fi, so the teams bonded over conversation in the lobby before getting to bed to look forward to the next day.

Stay tuned to learn about day 4 of the ultimate European winter rally!