Caucasian Challenge Day 4: Kutaisi to Mestia

ushguli car trip

Ushguli (Photo: The Travel Scientist)

Day four of the Caucasian Challenge started off on an interesting note. After leaving the hotel, the teams discovered that a street market had opened up right where they had parked their cars! It took some convincing, but the market vendors eventually moved their stalls and the teams were able to get on their way.

The driving on day four went smoothly, apart from evading the cows that claim the roads as their own. The teams stopped for lunch in the small town of Zugdidi, only miles from the border of Abkhazia. After the meal, it was off to see one of the largest concrete arch water dams in the world, just north of Jvari. This dam is nearly 300 meters high and blocks the Enguri River.


mestia beer

Georgia: food and drinks and perfect scenery (Photo: The Travel Scientist )

After taking in the spectacular views near the dam, the teams ascended up the mountain towards Mestia. This incredible town is one of the major highlights of the Caucasian Challenge, with spectacular views around Upper Svaneti and home to a number of ancient stone towers.

The groups toasted a small glass of Chacha, a delicious Georgian brandy, and made their way to the night accommodation at Ushba Guesthouse. The teams celebrated their journey with a party involving plenty of Chacha and stories of their adventure thus far on the Caucasian Challenge.