Rickshaw Challenge

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The Exciting Indian Adventure Race Continues in Day 3

The third day of the exciting Indian adventure, the Rickshaw Challenge, has come to an end. Here’s what happened. The teams left Pondicherry in the morning and were delighted to find it much easier than leaving Chennai. The first stop along the way was at a small school for the hearing impaired, where the teams

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Indian adventure rally, Rickshaw Challenge: Malabar Rampage 2016 gets underway!

If there’s a more perfect way to travel over 1000km of India’s beautiful Malabar coast than by rickshaw, we haven’t heard of it. On April 2nd, twenty small teams will begin the great Indian adventure rally so far, the Rickshaw Challenge: Malabar Rampage. Competitors come from all over the world: from Australia and New Zealand,

Malabar Rampage Kicks off from Trivandrum!

This year’s Rickshaw Challenge Malabar Rampage is on the way, with 17 teams racing their rickshaws up the Malabar Coast from Trivandrum to Panaji, across Kerala, Coastal Karnataka and Goa. Things have not been easy for our teams, since they had to combat strikes and long journeys, but some of our teams are troopers and

Rickshaw Challenge India Classic Run 2015 has begun!

Rickshaw Challenge India – Classic Run 2015 Score update : Day 1 – Practice day Day 2 – Chennai / Pondicherry  Day 3 – Pondicherry / Thanjavur The Rickshaw Challenge 2015 has begun, and after a round of practice and learning how to start and drive the rickshaws, 2 days of tasks and several flat