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Caucasian Challenge Day 8: Journey towards Armenia

Day 8 of the Caucasian began the journey towards Armenia. The teams were pleased to find that leaving Georgia was much quicker than entering it! The first stop along the way was at a small roadside restaurant filled with 70’s televisions and radios. A traditional Armenian meal of khorovats (a barbecue meat) was enjoyed, and

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Rickshaw Challenge Malabar Rampage Day 5: tuk-tuk travel continue

Day 5’s tuk-tuk travels were from Calicut to Mangalore, with challenges en route, historical stops galore, and the goal of reaching a state with more lenient alcohol restrictions! The fifth day of the Malabar Ramapage included 260km of tuk-tuk travels, leaving Kerala and reaching Karnataka. It can be tough to find alcohol in India in

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Rickshaw Challenge Malabar Rampage Day 3: Travel to the Venice of the East

Day 3 of the Travel Scientists’ incredible rickshaw race saw teams travel to the Venice of the east, watery wonderland Alleppey. Things are hotting up in the sub-continents’ premier rickshaw race. Teams donned their costumes, with Butt, Sweat, and Tears living up to their team-name thanks to the humid conditions and their inflatable sumo suits!

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Rickshaw Challenge Malabar Rampage 2016 – Day 1

The 21 teams who entered the 2016 edition of the Rickshaw Challenge Malabar Rampage started their preparation for the 1000 km race on Saturday. They gathered in Trivandrum, Kerala for the warmup and the start procedure of this adventure rally with a difference.  SCORES after DAY 1 Butt, Sweat and Tears 500 pt Kiwi Express

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Indian adventure rally, Rickshaw Challenge: Malabar Rampage 2016 gets underway!

If there’s a more perfect way to travel over 1000km of India’s beautiful Malabar coast than by rickshaw, we haven’t heard of it. On April 2nd, twenty small teams will begin the great Indian adventure rally so far, the Rickshaw Challenge: Malabar Rampage. Competitors come from all over the world: from Australia and New Zealand,

Classic Run 2016 Comes to an End

Boy, was it a crazy ride! And we loved every second of it. So, without further ado, here are the last few days of this truly gonzo ride. Day 5 Being a short distance for the day, teams took it easy and all the teams reached in time, except for Team 10, ToukRush. They had

The Classic Run 2016 is Off! And Not Without Hiccups

Our participants are well on their way to victory in their beloved rickshaws, battling anything that comes in their way. But what happened during the first three days? Here is the recount.   On Day 1, right at the beginning, the beautiful chaos that us, Travel Scientists thrive on has begun. The initial plan was

Score Updates Just In!!!!!

Everyone is dying to know the scores so far, so here they go! The race is tight, everyone is on their best behaviour, but one team is well in the lead. So far, only Team Packman and We Don’t Give A Tuk have gotten extra points for their costumes and challenges have been successfully completed

Made It to Goa – The Winners of the Malabar Rampage

Competing against each other in a friendly fashion, our teams from the Rickshaw Challenge Malabar Rampage 2015 made it to the finish line in Goa. It was a toughy this year where competition is concerned, since the teams submitted crazy photos completing the challenges, such as ferrying locals on their rickshaw to getting frisked up

Malabar Rampage Kicks off from Trivandrum!

This year’s Rickshaw Challenge Malabar Rampage is on the way, with 17 teams racing their rickshaws up the Malabar Coast from Trivandrum to Panaji, across Kerala, Coastal Karnataka and Goa. Things have not been easy for our teams, since they had to combat strikes and long journeys, but some of our teams are troopers and

India’s Cup brings back the Hindustan Ambassador.

The Hindustan Ambassador is back. After being the King of the Indian streets from 1958 to mid 1980s, the Ambassador is making a comeback, headlining as the star vehicle in The Travel Scientists’ India’s Cup Southern Xpress 2015. The Travel Scientists are renown for their original travel events around the world, like India’s Rickshaw Challenge and the

Rickshaw Challenge India arrives to Tuticorin

Rickshaw Challenge – Classic Run 2015 India Score update : Day 5 – Day off in Madurai Day 6 – Madurai to Tuticorin   The Rickshaw Challenge India can take a toll on its contestants, specially this classic run 2015, where 21 teams are fighting to take first place, that is why the organizers decided

Rickshaw Challenge India’s longest drive

Rickshaw Challenge India – Classic Run 2015 Score update : Day 4 –Thanjavur / Madurai The Rickshaw Challenge India faced its longest drive yet, 207 kilometers in what was a very hot day. The Gamingzion Events winners of the day were Team 1 and Team 9, since Eat my Shaw Dust and Team Trashbag both

Rickshaw Challenge India Classic Run 2015 has begun!

Rickshaw Challenge India – Classic Run 2015 Score update : Day 1 – Practice day Day 2 – Chennai / Pondicherry  Day 3 – Pondicherry / Thanjavur The Rickshaw Challenge 2015 has begun, and after a round of practice and learning how to start and drive the rickshaws, 2 days of tasks and several flat

Rally Calendar 2015

We have something special planned for all our friends and Indian rally fans. We’re putting together a calendar with the best pictures taken during the GamingZion Rickshaw Challenge – Classic Run 2015! 

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