Rickshaw Challenge India’s longest drive

Rickshaw Challenge India – Classic Run 2015 Score update :
Day 4 –Thanjavur / Madurai

The Rickshaw Challenge India faced its longest drive yet, 207 kilometers in what was a very hot day.

The Gamingzion Events winners of the day were Team 1 and Team 9, since Eat my Shaw Dust and Team Trashbag both gained 550 points, and were able to complete the 4 challenges that were set for all the teams during the ride.




These dares included stops at the beautiful Thanjavur temple, one of the largest temples in India, and part of the Unesco World Heritage Site known as the ‘’Great Living Chola Temples’’.

The road and the will to win also took our challengers to the Thirumayam Fort, in the Pudukkottai-Karaikudi Highway, a fort constructed by Vijaya Raghunatha Sethupathi, the Raja of Ramnad in 1687.

The Rickshaw Challenge India is intense, and the competitors’ quest for glory has changed the standings, although the TDB team is still the leader with 2,080 points, keeping the same distance of 50 points from Game of Horns and Rice to the Challenge, team 4 and team 5, that both own 2,030 points.


But the biggest surprise of the day was Team Shawmacher, that stole 3rd place from Bavarian Barbarian, that fell to 6th place letting 2 Fine Fillies and a Jockey move to fifth.

What surprises will Rickshaw Challenge India have for its brave racers? Will Eat my Shaw Dust and Team Trashbag continue rising in the charts? Will Bavarian Barbarian show their German pride and retake third place? Anything can happen in Rickshaw Challenge India Classic Run!

Here are the standings presented by Gamingzion Events:
1. TDB Team – 2,080
2. Rice to the Challenge – 2,030
3. Game of Horns – 2,030
4. Team Shawmacher – 2,030
5. 2 Fine Fillies and a Jockey – 1,980
6. Bavarian Barbarian – 1,965
7. Team Trashbag – 1,930
8. Eat my Shaw Dust – 1,900
9. Sickshaw Sailors – 1,780
10. The Wacky Racers – 1,750
11. Flying Kiwis – 1,600
12. Hakuna Matatu – 1,450
13. Team Apathy – 1.350
14. The Mighty Ducks – 1,350
15. The Kilted Ring Sting – 1,300
16. Dukes of the Green II – 1,290
17. The Mighty Mouse and the Triangle – 1.100
17. Bob Billies – 1,000
18. Curry the Tuk Up – 850
19. Spice Traders – 850
20. Curry the Tuk Up – 850
21. Dukes of the Green – 600

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