Rickshaw Challenge India arrives to Tuticorin

Rickshaw Challenge – Classic Run 2015 India Score update :

Day 5 – Day off in Madurai

Day 6 – Madurai to Tuticorin


The Rickshaw Challenge India can take a toll on its contestants, specially this classic run 2015, where 21 teams are fighting to take first place, that is why the organizers decided to give the riders a break with a day off at Madurai. Great city to get a day off, since it is where Meenakshi Amman temple towers over the 2,500 year old city.


But after a day’s rest, it was all business at the starting point, where the roar of the engines announced the beginning of Day 6, and the 137 kilometer drive that would take our drivers from Madurai to Tuticorin.

The contestants had 4 tasks to complete once they arrived to Tuticorin, so many took the highway instead of a rural road that led to the city.

The first task was to solve a set of questions at the Lady of the Snow Shrine, where a tricky information plaque made many contestants wonder about their answers. Next stop was Hitler Café, that was extra difficult to find since it changed its location some years ago. After stopping at Sri Sankara Rameswarar Temple, the racers of the Rickshaw Challenge India faced their last task: find Aardvark Café. If it is difficult enough to try and communicate with the locals, imagine asking about a place called Aardvark.


But no task is hard enough for the challengers of the Classic Run, and after 6 days, Gamingzion Events presents: ‘’Rickshaw Challenge India Day 5 and 6 Standings’’:

  1. Team Shawmacher: 2,530
  2. Team TDB: 2,480
  3. Game of Horns: 2,480
  4. 2 Fine Fillies and Jockey : 2,430
  5. Rice to the Challenge: 2,430
  6. Eat my Shaw Dust: 2,350
  7. Bavarian Barbarians: 2,315
  8. Team Trashbag: 2,255
  9. The Wacky Racers: 2,200
  10.  The Shicksaw Sailors: 2,180
  11. The Kilted Ring Sting: 1,750
  12. The Flyin’ Kiwis: 1,700
  13. Hakuna Matatu: 1,700
  14. Team Apathy: 1,550
  15. The Mighty Ducks: 1,450
  16. Dukes of the Green II: 1,390
  17. Mighty Mouse and the Triangle: 1,250
  18. Bob Billies: 1,100
  19. Spice Traders: 850
  20. Curry the Tuk Up: 850
  21. Dukes of the Green: 700


Congratulations to team 11: Team Shawmacher, who took first place away from Team 19: The Tdb team.


Will any other team challenge the new leaders?

Stay tuned.

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