Event description

The most exciting car rally in Eastern Europe is set to begin, and all 7 teams this year are ready and up to the challenge. The Travel Scientists have been putting on amazing events for over a decade, and the Baltic Run has grown to become one of the most popular.

This incredible journey will take the teams from the heart of Poland’s south to the icy tundra of northern Estonia.

Along the way the teams will drive their cars through some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe. They will pass old war relics, beautiful serene landscapes, and have the opportunity to meet people from not-often-visited countries that have so much to offer.

Make sure to check out our daily updates as the race unfolds to stay up-to-date on everything going on during this incredible Baltic adventure!

GamingZion Baltic Run 2016 – DAY 1 
GamingZion Baltic Run 2016 – DAY 2
GamingZion Baltic Run 2016 – DAY 3
GamingZion Baltic Run 2016 – DAY 4



December 28, 2016
5:00 am