Event description

Mumbai Xpress is an epic challenge that would test the endurance of even the most experienced tuk tuk driver, but our brave and crazy participants on the Rickshaw Challenge are ready to tackle a distance of almost 2000km by auto rickshaw.

Not only will our teams have to brace the monsoon rains on the route from Mumbai to Chennai, but they will drive across a wide range of terrain across hills, valleys and beaches. This is one of the most challenging branches of the Rickshaw Challenge, voted one of the world’s top 10 adventures by Lonely Planet, so let’s see if our teams have got what it takes.




Itinerary 8-Aug-15 – Activities in Mumbai 9-Aug-15 – Practice in Mumbai 10-Aug-15 – Mumbai to Alibag, 98 km 11-Aug-15 – Alibag to Pune, 141 km 12-Aug-15 – Pune to Mahabaleshwar, 117 km 13-Aug-15 – Mahabaleshwar to Ratnagiri, 202 km 14-Aug-15 – Ratnagiri to Panaji, 239 km 15-Aug-15 – Stay in Panaji 16-Aug-15 – Panaji to Bhatkal, 222 km 17-Aug-15 – Bhatkal to Mangalore, 157 km 18-Aug-15 - Mangalore to Mysore, 252 km 19-Aug-15 – Mysore to Bangalore, 142 km 20-Aug-15 - Bangalore to Vellore, 212 km 21-Aug-15 – Vellore to Chennai, 137 km